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Intensive knowledge and competencies trainings for diverse target groups

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Our bootcamps are intensive knowledge and competencies trainings for diverse target groups. It allows us to create a community of people committed to change. 

To maximize the potential of bootcamps, we intend to diversify and customize their focus. We will adapt them to address themes such as climate, biodiversity and inclusiveness. 


We have organised multiple intensive and inspiring bootcamps focusing on sustainability, climate, freight transport, urban mobility and logistics in the past.

The purpose of our two-day Climate Bootcamps is to highlight the role of organisations and companies in the climate transition and help them take further steps towards climate neutrality. During these events, our climate scientists and other experts share their expertise and explain the current state of play to arrive at a vision of the future. These Climate Bootcamps are the ideal occasion to meet the experts in an open atmosphere, to find inspiration for your own organisation and to network.

Would you like to join one of these bootcamps? Or you want us to organize a bootcamp for your organization? Then we have good news! Every six months there takes a bootcamp place. Explore the upcoming ones below.

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Joost Callens, CEO Durabrik 

This bootcamp was a real eye-opener. A very diverse balanced programme and  a fine group of people from all over the world made it fascinating. I return to my company with many fresh ideas and projects. Full of enthusiasm, we are taking the bootcamp to create a better society and organisation . Let's co-create!
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