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 An innovative process which serves as a comprehensive guide for organizations on their sustainability journey

Factor 8

The Factor 8 framework serves as a holistic guide for catalyzing transformative change, embraced by initiatives such as the 2-day change bootcamp hosted at the House of Sustainable Transitions. 

At its inception, the journey towards change hinges on Awareness (Step 1), acknowledging the existence of a problem or crisis. Subsequently, the framework navigates through solutions aimed at changing the systemic structures (Step 2), advancing sustainable practices (Step 3), and embracing emerging technologies (Step 4). This analytical phase, labeled "Analysing Sustainability," scrutinizes systemic symptoms, patterns, and worldviews to identify pathways for positive change.

Central to the framework is the Sustainability Point, positioned at the midpoint of the eight steps, where decisions are made regarding elements to retain from the existing system and those to discard. Transitioning to the left side, emphasis shifts to mobilizing change through bringing the right stakeholders from the ecosystem together (step 5). Also people or elements (like nature or earth) that might be influenced are taken on board. This step can be facilitated by participatory tools like the Multi Actor Multi Criteria Analysis (MAMCA) methods and other co-creation methods. In the Acceleration phase (Step 6) supportive policies and hampering structures are dismantled to create to the right framework for change. The subsequent phase, "Adapt Behaviour," focuses on how these changes can be translated in concrete steps and behaviors. Finally, the process culminates in "All in Love," integrating the envisioned future into collective consciousness. It is a last reflective step that overviews the process till then, and integrates in a new world view and future that is aspired. This process is very iterative. The new vision creates continual evolution, shaping new worldviews that uncover fresh challenges, perpetuating the cycle of change.

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